My name is Kevin Andy Stamps. 

I make videos

I like that you can just create them in your head from almost nothing at all (Maybe a little inspiration).
I like to see those ideas through a camera lens, capture them and share them, boil them down, or build them up. I like that the ideas inside our head are what make the world go round. Ideas can grow businesses and improve efficiency. Ideas can be funny, brilliant or sad. Ideas can tell a story, a moral, or message. Ideas can connect people from around the world, all working together because of one shared idea. I love that. If you look around you'll find a few ideas that have been shared with me.  I imagine you might be here because you have an idea to share as well. 
Let's talk about it! 


(Popcorn not included)


(Food and cars and people and more food)



(Faces and puppies)



Let's talk!

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